Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fidelity to brands of SOAP and bleach

In the category of cleaning products, confidence in the brand still prevails in the choice of laundry detergent and bleach. Only 31% of consumers of powder detergent and 34% of those who buy bleaches are willing to give up their favorite brand, according to a study of business consulting Sonne, in partnership with applied research technology company Vertude.
The price is the main reason for those who are willing to switch brands. Among laundry detergent that changed their brand, 73 percent of the 300 respondents were motivated by price. Other 11% sought better quality and 8% decided to try new options.
For the 66% of the respondents who wouldn't have traded the Omo washing powder brand, the quality was the reason cited by 90%. In the bright, second largest in the market, 80% said not to change the product and the main reason was the price (50%), followed by quality (45%). In Ypê, 77% are faithful to the brand and, of these, 46% favor the quality, while 23% elect the price as the main reason for the choice.
In non-chlorine bleach, considered one of the achievements of the class C, only 34 percent of 300 respondents are willing to switch brands. Among those who did, 61% cite the price. For loyal customers to Vanish, the price would justify the switch in only 2% of cases. To the faithful not reaches 65% of importance. For the Brilliant brand, quality is the main reason for the eventual replacement, cited by 60 percent of willing to change, and the 66% who do not wish to do exchanges.
On year retraction, the opportunity, from the consumer's point of view, is to take advantage of the relationship actions promoted by the markings, with promotions and family size packages, to rotate and move volumes. Already the leading brands can take advantage of consumers who do not want to risk the budget while testing brands little known, says Maximilian Bovaresco, Managing Director of the Sonne. "When things are going well, everything conspires in favor. But in the crisis, who has the best cost structure of the value chain or a recognized brand suffers more than the strong brands. "
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