Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Embelleze specializes in the segment of cached and brings the first treatment LowPoo and Poo in the Brazilian market

The cached are women of unique beauty and full of attitude. Always in search of soft curls, soft, shiny and healthy, they created hair care techniques that consist of little or no use of shampoo. Known as low-poo (in free translation, little foam) and the poo (in free translation, no foam), these forms of treatment if spread on the Internet.
More and more women become devotees of these techniques and the Embelleze, who understands the importance of specific products for curly strands and is always in tune with the latest from the web, brings two products that will make life of cached. Mild shampoo my curls Low Poo and the special treatment that conditions and also wash the hair, Novex my curls in the Poo, arrive to the market under the seal of the ReVitay marks and Novex, which are synonymous with loyalty and care treatment with the hair.
The techniques in the Poo and Low-Poo make the head of the women who adopt a more natural to take care of the hair. What they seek are smooth formulas, with more organic ingredients and less chemical agents. Fundamental to the cached that has sensitive hairs that need special consideration.
The release of Embelleze have natural moisturizers such as Monoi oil, Ojon oil and Cranberry extract, which protect your hair daily stress and keep your curls free and always well defined. Both the shampoo as special treatment can be used separately or together. The shampoo has a mild formula and is ideal for sensitive hair. The treatment is special because it conditions and is also used to wash the wires. The composition of both is free of sulfates, Parabens, silicones and, of course, of salt, which is essential for women with this profile.
Inspired by the growing wave of acceptance of the curly wires, Embelleze created in 2014, the family my curls. Since then, the line has become an important focus of research and development. This year alone have already been released 7 products for the segment.
To understand the soul of woman Embelleze, understands that the hair is your identity, so every Brazilian has its unique beauty. "The family my curls was created to meet the specific wishes of the cached. Who is round understand the power and the particularities that have wire, "says the Vice-Chairman of Embelleze, Jomar Beltrame.
Service: Pack with my curls Shampoo Low Poo/Conditioning Treatment my curls in the Poo R $ 29.90.
www.embelleze.com BE (Embelleze System of relationship) 4003-2667 (for capital)/0800-881-2667 (for other regions)
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