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Brazil can lead male care industry until 2019

The personal care market for men has doubled in size in the country in the last five years, driven by vanity of Brazilians. According to the consulting firm Euromonitor International, between 2009 and 2014, sales of products in the segment grew by 99.4%.
With the increased concern of men with the appearance, Euromonitor projects a 7.1% annual average growth in sales of shaving products, bath, hair, skin and deodorants, topping $ 6.7 billion by 2019.
"Brazil should become the largest market in the category. The United States, the leader in the segment currently, should fall to the second position, "said the consulting firm. If the projection is confirmed, the segment of care for men in the country will be larger than the Chinese, whose expectation is move $ 2.7 billion in 2019.
"If before the men's personal care boiled down to shaving products, today we see the male shopping basket becoming more diverse. In addition, the projection for the next five years is a clear indicator that many men are breaking with the stereotype of the past and investing more time and money on their appearance, "said an analyst at Euromonitor, Marcela Viana.
Between 2009 and 2014, sales of products for bath (+175%), hair care (+137%) and shaving products (+120%) recorded the best performances in the category, in the evaluation of Euromonitor. Already the male deodorants grew less, with 75% high.
Natura, one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of toiletries and beauty, was released on male demand in recent years. "We see increasing vanity and breaking the prejudice of the male audience to take care of," said the Director of product development of manufacturer, Alessandro Mendes.
According to him, the care product sales with the beard, for example, have advanced. "We have an offer important to men, with the category of perfumery as the main product for the male audience, because Natura has a broader offering, followed by deodorant and shaving," he said.
In the assessment of the Executive, the market for care of the beard is still small in Brazil when compared to perfumery, already consolidated. "We explored our industry experience to propose new products to this audience, as the five in one for beard, keep my eye on that demand for those who want to take care of yourself, but don't want to devote so much time to it," said Mendes.
The strategy, he pointed out he is to offer a product that comes out of the category of traditional shaving products for skin treatment line. "We have also seen some new niche products on the market, as beard care oils and balms, but not in large companies [in the industry]," he said.
According to him, the Natura tends to follow market trends and has releases planned for the category from next year. "We believe a lot of the growth of this market in the coming years," he reiterated.
The multinational Unilever, leader in the category of male antiperspirants, also bet on the expansion of the segment in the next few years. According to the Director of marketing for Unilever deodorants area, Adriana Castro. "It is a promising market. Each year, there is a growing interest among men for products that go beyond basic care, as we saw in the past, "said the Executive.
The company has been investing in studies to better understand the demand of the male audience. "We know that the profile of the consumer and how to communicate benefits [of product] must be different".
Ever the competitor Procter & Gamble (P&G), with portfolio composed of deodorants and shampoos, there in the category of care to shave its main business. "Gillette is undoubtedly the company's main brand for male personal care, with rows of razor blades, shaving foam and deodorants," he said the brand manager in Brazil, Juliana Moretti.
According to her, the Brazilian segment of blades grew 9% in value in the last year, led by Gillette, which owns 82.4% of this market.
To keep the leadership in the category, the P&G has sought to diversify the portfolio of the Gillette brand and invest in market research. "Today, one in four men in the world shave any part of the body below the neck. Research has shown that this was already a habit, but that is growing every day, "she recalled.
Already the Director-General of the Wahl Clipper Brazil, José Fernando Farinas, points out that back in fashion of beards, has fueled sales of the company. "We feel a positive effect of the trend of men grow beards, not only in Brazil, but in other countries," he said. The Wahl is a leader in the segment of shaving and, although not integrate categories evaluated by Euromonitor, also designs high sales in the coming years.
"Our equipment meet different demands, both of whom want to grow beards as who wants to take everything", explained the Executive.
Currently, the company owns 85% of the Brazilian market of epilators. Wahl's strategy to continue growing in the coming years is to gain space on the domestic market, where the brand is still little known.
"We want to make the brand better known in Brazil to stimulate sales" said. FARINAS has revealed that the Wahl studies open a factory in the country. The products marketed in Brazil today are imported.
According to him, opening a production unit in the country must be set within a year, following the decentralisation of production strategy of the u.s. company. "Brazil can be exporter to the other countries of Latin America," Farinas to DCI.
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