Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Birds pull 3.2% high in livestock feed

Reflection of a positive movement in the meat, the animal feed industry hopes to close in 2015 blue. With an increase in products for poultry, especially chicken, the projection is closing the year with 67.1 million tons of rations produced 3.2% high before 2014.
The data were released yesterday (15) by the National Union of the Animal feed industry (Sindirações) next to half-yearly balance sheet. "The cattle industry (meat, eggs and milk) is still weathering the crisis, since until may 0.41%, despite the expanded reverse of 0.48% of agriculture", says the Executive Vice President of the entity, Ariovaldo Zani.
The DCI, the Commission emphasizes that the positive performance of the year will be as much on account of the performance of the chicken in the international market and the domestic consumption. Asked about the financial expectations, Zani stated that the closing data have not yet been consolidated.
"Shipments of chicken meat from Brazil have been driven by the embargoes of the traditional customers of the United States, where 21 States suffering from the influenza which has already shot down more than 48 million birds, and by opening new opportunities and expansion in trade. Until July, the Brazilian exports of fresh chicken, cuts and derivatives, advanced 4.5 percent, reaching almost 2.5 million tons and revenues of r $ 12.7 billion reais. An increase of 22.1%, "says Zani, in a note.
In Brazil, the survey indicates that the ability to purchase the domestic consumer has decreased because of the economic deterioration, which is why the chicken has replaced increasingly.
From January to June 2015, the broiler producer demanded 16.1 million tons of rations, a 5.4 percent advance, while the chicks grew 4.7% and the export of chicken meat presented almost 3% increase, compared to the same period last year.
The second market that demanded more food in livestock was the pigs. By the end of the year must be produced 15.4 million tons of feed to this segment, a small 1 percent advance in annual comparison.
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