Monday, October 05, 2015

Cepêra expands portfolio and distribution to grow 20%

The Cepêra, paulista pickled food manufacturer, expands its activities in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais at the same time extending lines of higher value-added products to be able to finish the year with double-digit growth. The sector suffers from the shot of the dollar and the weakening of consumption. For now, only sales of conventional products such as tomato sauce and pepper, advance in volume.
In the first half, the conventional line grew 20% in volume. Already the premium products such as asparagus, capers, olives and cherries in syrup were between stability and fall of up to 10%.
The historical positioning of the brand is like a cheaper alternative in relation to market leaders, practicing about prices of 10% lower. According to the President, Agha leaner structure allows you to have lower costs and more competitive prices. He claims that the lower prices favor the company in times of crisis, because consumers want to save in the face of uncertainty about employment, inflation and the loss of income.
The canned food industry feel the negative impact of increased internal costs, such as water and light; the dollar's bullish on prices of imported foods, such as olives, spring onions, cherry and plum; and packaging more expensive due to inputs listed on American currency. The Cepêra held two adjustments, of 8% in February and 7% in August, but claims that prices were calculated before the triggered the dollar to more than $ 4. "Probably we will have another table in October and, if necessary, another before the end of the year," according to Decius Son.
Despite the price positioning is important to maintain the volumes, the company extends the line of greater added value this year. The Cepêra has released new packaging for ketchup, mustard with honey and barbecue sauce. In the line of toppings for ice cream, in which sold three flavors (Strawberry, chocolate and caramel), under the brand name licensed children's Senninha, added more elaborate flavors, such as chocolate with hazelnut and banana with cinnamon, aimed at the adult audience.
The Cepêra concludes in 2015 an investment of $ 20 million, starting in 2013, to return to market with multinationals such as Heinz and Cargill. The contribution occurred mainly in machinery, infrastructure and a new distribution center in Monte Alto, São Paulo, where is the factory of the company.
"The logistical cost of Brazil is very high. You need a pound of average price in the amount of r $ 7 for a logistic project viable and, for that, you need to combine products with high added value and low, "explains Decius Son.
Investments in marketing must get closer to $ 3 million in 2015. "The company has renewed the logo, and production, to be more competitive, the next step was to go to the media," according to the President.
The Cepêra provides for investments of r $ 10 million in 2016 and 2017, with the slower pace of the economy. The cast is close 2015 with 5% advance in volume and 20% in revenue.
The company operates throughout the country and São Paulo concentrates 50% of total sales. This year, the distribution is enhanced in other States of the Southeast, with a focus on Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, as output to keep the growth on the reduction of organic growth.
The export accounts for 6% to 7% of sales. The President estimated high of 1 percentage point by December. "Now begins a trend of increased exports. Some categories in which Brazil had no price to compete have begun to achieve, but still weigh high costs. "
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