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With focus on the food services industry, Albero Group provides reach 150 stores

SÃO PAULO-Rio networks Owner Via Verde, Biscuit and Caramel Club's Lair, the Group expands on the market and provides for Albero a growth of 40% in 2014. The group must close this year with 60 units, but the goal is to reach 150 shops of three marks the end of 2015.
The company's flagship, the Via Verde is present almost everywhere in the Country except the Midwest. The other two networks are just in Rio de Janeiro, but the expansion project involves acting in other markets, said the Director of the group, Bruno Albero Carpes.
With an audience of more than 150 thousand people per month and more than seven thousand items in stores, the Southeast stands out as the main pole of Via Verde's sales. However, the Northeast stands out as the fastest-growing region. "Our Savior is a vending machine, so the of Recife and Maceio, where the volumes traded are absurd," he said.
Currently, the brand shops with a total turnover of $ 80,000 to $ 100,000, but in some units the value is much larger: reaches R $ 300,000 per month, depending on location.
Specializing in healthy eating, the Via Verde is considered as the main competitor of Mark Green world. With 35 stores in operation in the market, the network of franchises focus on differentiated services, to rely on nutritionists and cafeterias in stores.
"I can't sell chicken organic and gluten-free products along with incense and Holy pictures, as happens in some networks. Our focus are healthy products, designed for athletes, "he said.
Already brands biscuit and Caramel Club's Lair are networks specializing in candies and cookies, but see no inconsistency between says Carpes operations. For him, the group is positioned as a retail company, food for all tastes. "When we negotiated the purchase of Cookie's Lair, I thought it would be the perfect Union, since our focus is to meet the desire of the consumer at the right time," he said.
According to the Executive, the Group has marketing professionals for all brands, since the products are networks of "impulse sales and inventory". For him, the items marketed enterprises do not harm health, since that consumed in the right amount. So much so that the network Via Green account, the portfolio, with goodies like cocada sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.
"I'm not saying to customers to spend all day in the store, with a diet based solely on chocolate. Sell a soy Burger to eat daily won't do too well ".
Sales in the subway
Consolidated in the downtown Rio and with 10 units, the Cookie setting in galleries for the tube to expand. Currently, the brand serves more than 600 thousand people per month and already provides shops in Sao Paulo, Salvador and Recife.
In Rio de Janeiro, the brand will inaugurate a store in Central Brazil, in addition to six kiosks square meters in all stations of the subway. On the network, the monthly revenue of r $ 150,000 will stores up to r $ 300 thousand.
Brand new
On the market since the end of last year, the Caramel Club is the new Group's bet Albero. With two stores in operation and growth of 30% per month, the brand invests mainly in shopping malls to grow.
The company opened a store in the Mall and another Bar in the Center SulAmérica Business, which also has a store on the Via Verde. According to Bruno Carpes, these are strategic points, since you have a loyal following. "In real estate terms the big bet of the group is in business centers and condos," he said. Brand stores, total turnover of r $ 50 thousand per month, are among the best-selling items corn popcorn, candy and popsicles.
With a strong presence in the city of Rio de Janeiro, he points out that the Group has the potential to grow to three times the size in the region. In addition, spaces in communities, are also in the plans of the company.
The Cookie already has stores in the northern zone. "We're now with plans to open units in Spring Garden, community located in Duque de Caxias, in the Baixada Fluminense, in addition to Campo Grande, on the West side".
Diário Comercio Indústria & Serviços - 06/10/2014
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