Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wickbold launches wholegrain breads without preservatives in packages that use green plastics

Free of preservatives, integrals, with low sodium and fat, and zero addictive. So are the products Wickbold whole-wheat and Wickbold chestnuts and seeds, news from the company to the market. Prepared with carefully selected seeds and grains and whole-wheat flour, provide 18% of the daily requirement of fiber. Ideal for making breakfast and lunch of Brazilians even more healthy and nutritious.
The line of wholegrain breads without preservatives of Wickbold was designed to offer consumers natural products, which are source of fiber, perfect in order to contribute to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Among the main ingredients are whole wheat flour and rye, sunflower seeds, pumpkin and flaxseeds, grains of wheat and quinoa, Walnut pecan and the Brazil-nut, which preserve and give to breads vitamins, minerals and fiber.
The Wickbold whole wheat is rich in fiber, versatile and easy to combine with various fillings. Already the Wickbold nuts and seeds has the addition of walnuts and chestnuts in its formulation that, besides being very tasty, are mono-and polyunsaturated fats source, beneficial to health and in the prevention of heart disease.
In addition, the company is pioneer in use of green plastic in packaging for bread. The polyethylene from sugar cane, 100% renewable raw material, produced by Braskem, is to contribute to the differential reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. With the goal of helping consumers to recognise the product, the company created the seal ' I m green ™ ´ ', which ensures the renewable origin of packing.
The bread whole wheat and Chestnuts Wickbold Wickbold and seeds will be sold exclusively in São Paulo.
Embanews - 21/10/2014
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