Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Sales have mild reaction in the month, but fall 9% on year

The Government has launched measures to unlock the credit, following aggressive automakers in promotional campaigns and new models entered the market to lure consumers back to showrooms. However, once again, September was a weak month in sales of vehicles.
Preliminary numbers, collected until Monday, showing fall of 4.5% of plates issued to cars to ride, lightweight utilities, trucks and buses in comparison with the same month of last year. Compared to August, sales were a little better, with a high of 2.4%-percentage will rise further with the inclusion of licenses of yesterday.
Nevertheless, with daily sales again below 13 thousand cars-by taking the account numbers, too bad, truck and bus markets-, September kept sheepishly tune three months before, as weak as June and July, both committed by the completion of the World Cup.
Automakers, on the other hand, can celebrate that, at least, managed to stop the deepening of the crisis. The fall of the YTD volumes was rising month to month until you reach 9.7% in August, but now I'm back to stay closer to 9%.
Two factors contributed to this, starting with the commercially favorable September calendar with one working day more than selling as much compared to the previous year as compared to August.
At the same time, the industry, in comparison with the same period in 2013, had in September a basis of comparison weaker than in the five previous months. The historical series shows that, after overcoming 342 thousand units in July, sales of vehicles fell to 329.1 billion in August and 309.9 thousand units in September 2013.
The consolidated numbers last month, including the performance of the brands, will be released today by Fenabrave, which houses the car dealerships. On Monday, will be the time of the Anfavea, the Association of automakers, disclose its balance of sales, production and exports.
The entity of manufacturers expected last month the first impacts of Government measures announced at the end of July to improve the supply of credit to vehicles, with the release of compulsory deposits and increased flexibility in capital requirement of banks in financing transactions in retail.
The betting sector still on impact of releases-as the new generation of the Ford Ka, which tend to attract consumers to the stores. Discounts of up to 10%, plus promotional campaigns with zero financing rate, are also being offered to dealers to convince consumers to switch cars.
But automakers continue adopting measures to adjust production. Ford, for example, will interrupt this month activities at the factory in São Bernardo do Campo, in the ABC paulista. The stoppage, both of the car factory, where it's produced a new generation of Fiesta, as in the line of trucks, begins on Friday, extending throughout the week. In the second fortnight of the month, two other parades are planned: in 20 days and 27 October. The automaker says the goal is to adapt the production to weak demand. Ford stopped production on ABC in the first week of September. Layoffs are also provided for in the Renault and VW factories in the State of Paraná, as well as in unit of Mitsubishi in Catalão, Goiás.
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