Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sadia bet on packaging opens and closes to new line of cold Soltíssimo

The sliced meat category is one of the most promising of the Brazilian market. And, to take advantage of this opportunity, Sadia, mark of the BRF recognized by potential in innovation and absolute leader in the marketing of cold, launches the Soltíssimo line. The new account with the new S-Fresh technology, which ensures the product more freshness and convenience, leaving fluffy and tasty, as if it had been sliced away.
The unique packaging "opens and closes", in addition to much more sturdy and secure the styrofoam trays available in the market, dispense the handling at the point of sale and the need for other storage container. "The quest for freshness, convenience and is already a global demand and reinforces the Sound positioning as an innovative company," says Flávia Faugeres, Vice President of marketing and innovation of the BRF.
"In Europe and the United States, it is common to the consumption of cold sliced directly by the factories. Here we're betting and investing in the development of this market, "said Rosangela Barbosa, marketing manager of BRF. Colds are manufactured in the new factory of the BRF in Tatuí, São Paulo State, which has rows of meat processing and dairy products isolated and slicing rooms with filtered air, which ensures even more quality and safety for the consumer.
The Soltíssimo line arrives in five options that help to compose a complete and balanced food: boiled ham, cheese, mortadella, smoked mozzarella cheese and Turkey Breast. Available in packs of 200 g, the line will be marketed initially in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, with expansion forecast for the other regions of the country.
Embanews - 15/10/2014
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