Monday, October 20, 2014

Phisalia line Jacques Janine brings efficiency to the girls ' hair in transformation phase

The Phisalia has just released the line Jacques Janine for hair that girls are becoming teenagers, bringing a concept unheard of in the Brazilian market of beauty and occupying a gap in the industry: suitable for pre-teens that offer performance. The line Phisalia Jacques Janine brings the unique patented technology Girls Hair Tech, that guarantees performance and hair without us. Consisting of shampoos, conditioners, styling creams and hair masks, Jacques line Janine is available in versions hydration, curly and straight.
The partnership between Phisalia and designer Jacques Janine for the launch of the line began almost two years ago, with market research and tireless research in search of the best possible formulation to meet the proposed line: products accompanying the growth of girls.
Thus, the Phisalia developed the unique technology Girls Hair Tech, which offers performance salon and balanced formula to the skin and the hair of girls on stage from the age of 12 years who are abandoning children and suffering hormonal transformations that make dry skin and acne, and leave the hair strands thicker and oily, others with less glare, and some even change color and shape, where what was curly and curly is flat becomes smooth.
At this stage, the hairs begin to introduce many nodes, become more awkward and difficult to style, have oily roots and dry ends, broken and with frizz, armed and bulky, and very dry. In this way, some mothers spend using their daughters ' hair products aimed at adult women, which is not recommended, because the negative factors may even increase due to large quantity of chemical agents present in these items and that can cause itching, allergies, etc.
The line Phisalia Jacques Janine was developed to let the girls hair Silkier, with movement, without frizz and with moisturizing, causing a natural glow without damaging the wires. The line is intended to cater to pre-teen girl who is happy, cool, romantic, vain and fashion, a real Princess, but already left behind the children's characters. Is that girl you don't feel more "child" and search products that have the same results of the mother's products.
For the partnership with the designer Jacques Janine, the Phisalia spent a large period conducting research to understand the movements of the market, the current consumer behavior and testing the product and with the girls and mothers within the salons. In this way, the Phisalia saw that the market of products for hair care changed and offers numerous items that deliver performance for the home-made treatments. Packages have increased and increasingly there are products with very specific actions.
Consumers already the Phisalia realized that the behavior is also another and they are willing to pay a value slightly larger than the conventional product offer quality, innovation, exclusivity and performance. With hair products, it became clear that mothers and daughters want more results for the girls of this age group and there is no item currently that meets this need. The mothers end up using adult products on children, inadequate for children 12 years.
The line Phisalia Jacques Janine has undergone several performance tests conducted by hairdressers salon professionals and technicians of the Institute IPClin, specialized in evaluations of effectiveness of haircare products. The results are surprising: 6 times easier to manage/without us; 10 times more brightness; and 10 times more hydration.
Embanews - 20/10/2014
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