Thursday, October 09, 2014

PepsiCo's profit grows 5% in the third fiscal quarter

Net income attributed to controllers of drinks and food maker PepsiCo grew 5% during the third fiscal quarter, which ended on September 6 against the same period last year. The company's balance sheet released on Thursday shows that the result was $ 2.01 billion.
The performance led the group to raise its projections for the year. The expected growth of earnings per share — not taking into account the exchange rate effect on operations — was of 8% to 9%. In the same comparison, the prediction is that the recipe up something close to 5%.
During the third fiscal quarter, the company managed to readjust prices of various products and surged to 2% on net revenues. Turnover finished at $ 17,22 billion, influenced by improvements in Latin America and in the Frito-Lay Division in the United States, which houses brands of Chips.
According to PepsiCo, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela led to high sales of Latin American food unit. Local revenues grew 6.3% in the period and finished at $ 2.18 billion. At Frito-Lay, the advance was of 3%, to $ 3.53 billion.
The balance sheet also shows that costs have risen 1 percent and ended at $ 7.99 billion, while operating expenses advanced in 3%, to $ 6.35 billion.
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