Monday, October 27, 2014

Of good launches new juice detox

Detox juices consumers well win one more option, the Detox white stripe. The launch, which is a lighter version of green juice, add the pineapple in your recipe.
Detox package white stripe follows the visual language of the functional line, composed of the Detox Show and Come my Tan. With a little box all camouflaged, a design unheard of in retail, juice brings the famous bem–humorados texts of the well, and a white stripe featured martial arts.
According to the founder and President of the brand, mark Leta, the Detox white band arrives to complete the line of juices and functional to meet market demand, which increasingly by healthy options. "We received many messages from consumers wanting a new green juice detox, a lighter, no cucumber. To meet this need, we developed a kind of "white belt" of detox, which has the same dexinstoxicantes features, but with new flavor, "explains marks.
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