Thursday, October 16, 2014

New washers reduce SOAP for sale in the USA

After buying a washing machine of high efficiency, Stephen Asbel found that use the normal amount of SOAP turned his family's clothes in a pile full of foam. So, he reduced the measure. And then reduced a little more.
This experience is typical of people who will use the new washers and is bad news for SOAP manufacturers such as Procter Gamble & (P&G) and the Church Dwight, who are already experiencing declines in sales. Their products--that were spilled on the clothes in the proportion of one full dosage Cap-no longer need be used on the same amount.
"Every wash cycle requires much less SOAP than I used in our old conventional machine," said Asbel, Attorney for 50 years of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, United States. "I want to keep my clothes need a additional rinse".
The high-efficiency washers are just one item on a long list of problems for the SOAP makers, who are facing pressure to reduce prices, a consumer shift to cheaper brands and the emergence of higher-capacity machines, requiring a smaller amount of loads.
With the older machines, put a little SOAP to more than fact did not represent a problem. This approach does not work with new models that use less water. And can also annul the energy saving of the machines, said Mary Zeitler, scientist's consumer appliance manufacturer Whirlpool, owner of the brand Brastemp. So, consumers are becoming more cautious.
This is contributing to a long-term decline in sales of SOAP in the u.s., said John Owen, an analyst at Mintel. They had a decline of 6.4% between 2009 and 2013 and no recovery will not occur any time soon, according to Mintel. Sales in that category fall more 5.9% for five years until 2018, estimates the company.
This change is a "double whammy" for P&G and other companies that sell more premium products, because customers who switch washer tend to be the same people who buy a more expensive SOAP, said Javier Escalante, an analyst at Consumer Edge Research at Stanford. Sought, the P&G and the Church Dwight not commented on the matter.
A positive side to the SOAP industry are packets with premeasured portions, as the Tide of Pods P&G. many consumers have migrated to the convenience of being able to use a package by washing in the machine and they don't measure. These packages respond now for about 13% of sales of liquid soap, according to report from Sanford c. Bernstein Co. in New York. Even so, the lower demand of SOAP is reducing the growth of this market. qL
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