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New products inspire the creation of the family Pirakids

The line now includes the dairy drinks Piracanjuba zero lactose and Pirakids, beyond the traditional milk Grow
New products inspire the creation of the family Pirakids
A balanced diet is one of the principles for the healthy growth and that is why the Piracanjuba, one of the largest brands in the Brazilian dairy segment, creating family Pirakids. "Unificamos all products intended for children in the Pirakids line, which now includes the Pirakids dairy drinks and Piracanjuba zero lactose, and UHT milk Integral Piracanjuba Grow. All products will come with the mascot for the brand, "says Heba Guimarães, marketing manager of Piracanjuba.
Family Pirakids
The family Pirakids is quite an ally of parents, by providing health and proper nutrition for their children. The kids, in return, will receive much flavor and quality. The Pirakids Grow, for example, is indicated for the healthy growth of children from 4 to 10 years.
Already the drink milky way Pirakids zero lactose, in chocolate flavor, is an option for those with lactose intolerance. She is light, tasty, healthy and innovative in the segment. Composed of whole milk and cocoa, has taste of milk chocolate and is available in packaging of 200 ml, Edge, with straw.
Finally, the last member of the family is already known drink Pirakids milk, 1 litre versions, in Edge packaging with screw cap and 200 ml, with straw. The product is intended to be carried in the lunchbox or to consume in times of recreation and home consumption.
The new visual identity of the Pirakids family was hatched by Guepa, design agency specializing in brand management. The highlight was the mascot, who won playful contours. The packages were more colorful. The intention is to highlight sales points and promote the public's identification with the product. "Our aim was to make contact with the consumer clearer and easy, always emphasizing the concept of family", terminates Manager.
The Pirakids family can be found in supermarkets, hypermarkets and attacked, emporiums of all Brazil.
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