Monday, October 27, 2014

Natura Search Re-grow as the sector

In his first exposure to the market, the new President of Natura, Roberto Lima, said in a teleconference with analysts on Friday, that his initial concerns are "basic", how to find the vectors so that Natura will grow at market rates.
The company grew 2.7% in Brazil in the third quarter. There is still no industry data in the second half, but in the first half of the year the advance of Brazilian industries was 12.9%, while net revenue grew 5% Natura in the country.
"Probably the vectors will meet in innovation, which is key to this industry," said Lima. The Executive, who took office in September, said he will seek "a more comprehensive approach [innovation], not only what goes inside the vial of product."
In addition to the innovation in products and packaging, he cited investment in information technology to give more mobility to the direct sales channel, improvement in transaction execution and processes to gain efficiency.
The company, the market leader in direct sales, also studies the retail with the intention of creating trial for consumers. "Who try Natura products purchase," said Lima. According to him, from the results of the tests that have been carried out with kiosks in some regions, the company may establish and give dimension to a retail strategy.
For now, one of the initiatives in this direction are on Australian network of shops of luxury cosmetics Aesop, purchased in 2012. Lima praised the acquisition and integration of the retailer. "Natura showed that knew a rebranded company integrating, canal and totally different positioning." The idea is to open the first unit of the brand in Brazil in early December in Sao Paulo.
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