Tuesday, October 21, 2014

L'Occitane invests in supermarket

Sao Paulo-the L'occitane follows with different strategy: the mark bet on expansion of L'occitane au Brésil through franchises and inaugurates this week the first minimarket (kiosk) at Hercílio Luz International Airport in Florianópolis (SC).
This will be the first minimarket L'Occitane au Brésil in Santa Catarina capital and also at a Brazilian airport. The idea is to get consumers to the brand's product lines, consisting of about 60 items. Are products for body care, hair and also for washbasin.
According to company information, the experience with the kiosk has already given positive results in some shopping centers in São Paulo and other Brazilian cities like Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, so much so that the goal is to pass from the current 39 unique selling points of L'occitane to 400 au Brésil shops and kiosks in up to five years.
According to the Director of brand franchises, Sandro Malimpensa, the minimarket of Florianópolis has about 9 m² and presents the concept developed by Marcelo Rosenbaum, with inspiration in the municipal markets and street fairs in Brazil.
As Malimpensa, spaces rely on feminine products, water hyacinth lines bromeliad, Mandacaru, Jenipapo, Vitória-Régia besides male items of Araucaria. "Each one brings in packaging illustrations created by local artists, in partnership with the artistic director of L'occitane, Olivier Baussan. For packagings were developed unusual techniques and aspects that add value to the culture of the country, "he said.
In the fiscal year ended in March, the Brazilian operation of French fashion house was the one that presented growth among the 90 countries where L'occitane acts. Today, sales points, 13 are own and 26 franchises (shops and minimarkets).
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