Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jamaican Rum Appleton Estate V/X comes to Brazil

Great option for those who enjoy sophisticated cocktails, the award-winning Jamaican rum Appleton Estate V/X, can already be found in Brazil. Produced by j. Wray Nephew & Distillery, with all the preciousness of the Jamaican manufacturing process, the drink is the result of the combination of fifteen different types of rums aged for five to ten years in oak casks.
With unique flavor, Appleton Estate V/X has a smooth texture and velvety, which reveals powerful and delicate aromas of citrus, walnuts, Orange, vanilla and Woody notes. Has a flavor profile that makes him the perfect rum to be consumed in a wide variety of cocktails and long drinks like traditional Mojito and Dark and Stormy.
Produced by j. Wray Nephew & Distillery, located in the Valley of Nassau in St. Elizabeth, who counts on hot and sunny days, tropical rains and soil rich in nutrients-favorable factors for the development of sugar cane and that impact directly on the distinguished flavor of rum.
All these characteristics make of Appleton Estate V/X one of the most versatile and celebrated runs the world.
Embanews - 15/10/2014
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