Thursday, October 09, 2014

HPPC consumption grows 324% in 10 years in AL

HPPC consumption in Latin America in the last decade increased 324%, a lower rate only to Eastern Europe, according to information from the CASIC (Consejo de Asociaciones de la Industria de Latin American Cosmetics). In size, amounts to 80% of the European market and 60% of Asia. According to Jaime Concha Prada, Executive Director of the Board of the cosmetics industry and the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia, who was in Brazil to participate in-cosmetics is the Latin America is also the highest growth in exports, in addition to several large global companies have established research and development centres in the region. "Trends and consumer preferences for natural products to Latin America is highlighted as one of the main protagonists in the coming years. Many of its countries are among the most-diverse in the world. There are many investigations into biodiversity and generation of new assets, properties and sensations to the world of cosmetics. The great ancestral knowledge of our indigenous cultures, certainly will, in the medium term to promote a single phase of innovation, "he predicts.
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