Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Graphic in RS have fallen 10% in the production of material for the elections

10/15/2014 – "Fell enough demand. It wasn't a good campaign. Paper materials have been somewhat abandoned this time. This was the worst choice for the industry in terms of revenue for the last 12 years ". The statement of the President of the Abigraf-RS, Angelo Garbarski, translates well as it was for the Gaucho graphic market demand of political parties of material for the election campaigns.
An estimate of the Association revealed that the demand for campaign material fell 30% in comparison with the election of 2010. The use of alternative media on the part of the candidates, as profiles in social networks, is considered one of the main responsible for the smaller companies ' revenue this year.
In the case of Rio Grande do Sul, even the completion of the second round in the contest for Governor, something that did not occur in 2010, should be enough to animate the thread. "It may be that if you correct something, given the polarization between the two candidates, but still the movement must be lower than the last election," emphasizes Garbarski.
Despite the reduction of work verified to date, the period of the election still significantly impacts corporate revenue. "In the first round, had a reasonable demand for campaign material. During this period, elections produce 25% more than normal. But it was nothing spectacular compared to other elections. The market is so still, that any movement is wonderful ", says the Managing Director of Print Graphics Press, Evandro Carlos Alves.
To take account of requests, five temporary staff hired Alves. "But we did less than half the volume of forms of other campaigns. Previously, the entire industry worked in election. Now, the competition is much greater, "compares. As a result of the difficulties in the business, the entrepreneur recalls that the company has been reducing in size in recent years.
Although the market give signs of shrinking, some graphics celebrate result of work in the first round of the election. In the case of Graphical, Time of Viamão (RS), one of the most requested by candidates. "The demand was good. We work hard, 12:0 am a day until the eve of the first round. Turnover rose by around 50% compared to a common "month, celebrates the Director Daniel Becker. The positive performance made the company decide to hire one of the four temporary workers who were working on graphics.
Celulose Online - 15/10/2014
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