Monday, October 27, 2014

Class C is the one that has Smartphone owners in Brazil

According to study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel: consumer ComTech, class C is the leader in number of owners of smartphones in Brazil. However the participation is still very concentrated in the AB classes, which have a higher purchasing power.
The survey reveals that 36% of smartphone users belong to class C; 34% grades C/E and 30%, the classes A/b. so although the class C is the leader in this study, the classes A/B invest a larger value in the appliance at the time of purchase.
When asked about the capabilities of smartphones that displease users of generation Y, the battery life came first, displeasing 50% of smartphone users. The memory of the handset is another thing that bothers 27% of users.
To 25% of consumers, internet browsing dislike more. Connectivity, camera, apps and games leave 21% of dissatisfied users. Other 19% signaled the call quality, 14% music player, 13% the quality of the appliance, 9% hardware reliability, 7% in the software and only 6% bother with typing.
When the question is what most pleases your devices, 39% were satisfied with the battery, 34% with connectivity, device and camera quality. Other 24% consider call quality great.
Applications, typing and reliability on hardware like 21% of owners. Other 20% are also satisfied with internet browsing, 15% were satisfied with the reliability of the software, 13% with the music player, 11% with the device memory and 7% with the games offered on smartphones.
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