Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas sales already mobilized packaging sector

The end of the year approaches and the retail market already mobilizes for increase in sales demand. Many companies are betting on the presenteáveis packaging to attract consumer attention.
The Netherlands, a company specialized in providing solutions and innovations in packaging, is already with its production in full swing to ensure quality, agility and safety to customers, as the delivery of the products in this period of high market demand. Sales Coordinator, Fabian Rincon, stresses the importance of the time for the company. "The sales volume of the company grows significantly for Christmas, mainly due to the stores, you see the thematic packages as a tool for increased sales and marketing too," he says.
The Antilles warns, however, that advance in the definition, development and production of packaging are determining factors to which all occur successfully. Normally, this planning began four or five months before Christmas.
"It's more than proven that thematic packages help in increase in sales. Both the small and the big retailers are betting on packages as one of the principal means of communicating with consumers, "says acoordenadora.
In addition to the advance planning and distribution logistics, it is very important to also set the store to receive the boxes and bags that make up the mix of packages for Christmas. Are boxes, bags, tags, ribbons and promotional cartridges.
"The volume of items at this time is very high, but the space destined for storage at the point of sale does not grow at the same rate," says Fabian. Within this planning, a highlight is for handling the packages. "A good Christmas packaging solution cannot occupy a lot of space and needs to be easy to be assembled. Sellers may not lose too much time with the gifts. The focus has to be 100% in sales ".
Embanews - 21/10/2014
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