Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Cade approves purchase of units of blue sky group birds by Seara Alimentos

The Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) approved, without restrictions, the acquisition of two units of chicken slaughter of blue sky group Food for the Harvest foods, controlled by the JBS group, second publication in the Official Gazette on Monday. The agreement, which also includes two feed mills and three hatcheries, located in the State of São Paulo, in addition to three brands dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh chicken, was valued at about 246 million reais when announced in July this year.
Second document presented to Cade, the agreement also provides for the conclusion of partnership agreements between Seara and blue sky Foods to supply fertile eggs and broilers, conclusion of contracts and lending for Administration of feed mills and farms located in the cities of Cabrália Paulista and Ipiaguá, in São Paulo, and the transfer of other three brands dedicated to the production and marketing of chicken meat in natura.
"For the J&F Group, the operation represents a good business opportunity and allows the company to strengthen its activities of slaughter of chickens in the State of São Paulo and of the production and marketing of fresh chicken meat in the domestic market," says excerpt from the document.
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