Friday, October 10, 2014

Balamurugan gives tips on gifts for the children's day

When approaching the long-awaited day for the kids — the children's day — starts the race by that give away to small. The Kristie's Chocolates offers a number of options for parents, grandparents, uncles and godparents who wish to sweeten this date so important to the kids.
The brand offers 11 gracious gifts options that in addition to please by visual, are very tasty. One of the releases is the ball Mix, a soccer ball that is a door schtick, stuffed with 3 chocolates petit, 4 candy fantasy white, 4 languages of cat milk, 1 milk chocolate lollipop and a little bag of dragees of flakes, weighing 135 grams. Another novelty for the date is the Football Kit, consisting of 2 t-shirts, a whistle, 2 half balls, all made with milk chocolate and 8 languages of cat, milk and white chocolate, with 115 grams.
Compose the product mix to the date the box of cookies Keks; covered with milk chocolate, of 300 grams; the Happiness Box, stuffed full of chocolates, with 150 grams; the beetle, milk chocolate, with 115 grams; the Language Box of Cat milk, with 75 grams; the Roller Box Chocolate or dulce de leche, composed by biscuit stuffed and covered in chocolate, with 75 grams and packing Picnic, with 100 grams of milk chocolate confections.
For those who prefer to spend a little less, there is also the bear of milk chocolate, with 55 grams, the lollipops Several, with 20 grams and the Mini Bar Soft, drawn up in milk chocolate, with 20 grams.
Embanews - 10/10/2014
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