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October, 2014

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McCain Throws Mozzarella stick

10/22/2014 - The brand expands its line of products for the food service with the launch of the Mozzarella stick

Generic Predict Increase Market Share

10/22/2014 - With a market share of 27.3% registered in September, the expectation is that by the end of the year

Retail must pull construction Market recovery

10/22/2014 - After releasing a negative result, the Abramat sees in the retail industry the opportunity to recove

General Mills launches Yoki Arracacha Extra-fine Wool Premium

10/22/2014 - General Mills launches in Brazil the Yoki Arracacha Premium Extra-fine Wool. The news increases the

L'Occitane au Brésil launches products for washbasin of Mandacaru line

10/21/2014 - The L'occitane au Brésil, franco-Brazilian Group brand L'Occitane, extends the Mandacaru line and br


10/21/2014 - Second, the company disclosed balance, this Monday (20), the manufacturer had a net loss of € 104 mi

Walmart group plans to invest in distribution center

10/21/2014 - Walmart, considered one of the largest retail networks in the world, said on last Wednesday (15), wh

Christmas sales already mobilized packaging sector

10/21/2014 - The end of the year approaches and the retail market already mobilizes for increase in sales demand.


10/21/2014 - The search for business credit increased 6.6% in September this year as compared to August, accordin

McDonald's profit is 30% lower in the quarter

10/21/2014 - Amid problems with suppliers in Asia and underwhelming performance in the United States, McDonald's

Kimberly-Clark: Profit advances 2.9% in the third quarter, to $ 562 mi

10/21/2014 - Net income attributed to controllers of Kimberly-Clark, American manufacturer of consumer goods like

Tetra Pak launches packaging produced with 100% renewable raw materials

10/21/2014 - Tetra Pak announces the launch of the first packaging solutions produced entirely with renewable raw


10/21/2014 - The Brazil's Premium beer brand Kirin launched a kit that includes the reprint of the competition wi

L'Occitane invests in supermarket

10/21/2014 - The L'occitane follows with different strategy: the mark bet on expansion of L'occitane au Brésil th

Lexmark's profit grows 12.5% and reaches $ 37.9 million

10/21/2014 - The net profit of Lexmark, American print solutions company, grew 12.5% in the third quarter, as com

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