Friday, October 10, 2014

70% of young men declare consume beer away from home

In Brazil, beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage outside the home, regardless of age, social class, gender or region. The report on trends in Alcohol consumption outside the home, of Mintel reveals that nearly six out of ten (57%) is Brazilians consumed some beer type (standard, premium, beer or beer of international brands) at least two to three times a month in the six months leading up to March 2014.
The beer is consumed two to three times a month or more by 65% of men and 49% women. The highest percentage of consumers of beer is among the men of 18 to 24 years (70%) in the southern region (in Curitiba and Porto Alegre).
The domestic beer, such as the Skol and Brahma, is the thread more consumed between all types of beer available, because it is cheaper and more widely available throughout the country, being sold in establishments ranging from bakeries to nightclubs, passing by bars. This is the most consumed alcoholic beverages segment out of the House, with 53% of respondents stating that consumes two to three times a month or more.
The search for new brands and flavors, especially for middle-class consumers, made the general consumption of premium positioning in 36% increase from 2010, being consumed by 24% of respondents, according to research from Mintel's market size.
Taxation and high production costs create a significant price difference between the main Brazilian brands and international brands. Despite this difference, and/or imported international brands such as Heineken and Stella Artois, are consumed by 20% of adults in Brazil, which confirms the popularity of them among the new generations and the higher social classes. Young adults consume more beers this premium segment than the domestic alternatives.
The distillates in turn, are in second place in terms of frequency of use among alcohol. Are consumed pure or as part of a cocktail (the most popular), as the caipirinha or mojito, two to three times per month, by 21% of respondents.
Mundo Marketing - 10/10/2014
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