Monday, August 05, 2013

Royal celebrates 90 years in Brazil and launches promotional kit

The desserts and baking powder Royal celebrates its 90 years of Brazil with a new positioning, which promotes the unification of its platforms. In commemoration of the date, will be released a promotional kit with cupcake liners.
The brand focuses on the characteristics that have made it an icon in Brazil, as the red hue and the character Tasha, 25 years to complete in 2013, and will serve as "Ambassador" of the brand, representing its two segments and gaining more prominence on the packaging of products Royal.
"We want to celebrate the achievements and advancements in its relationship with Brazilian consumers and we enjoyed the special occasion to relaunch the brand with new positioning: gelatin and baking now go on to integrate a single product line called the Royal family and that will be communicated in a single platform," says Ana Paula Sarrão, marketing manager of trademark in Brazil Mondelēz.
To commemorate the date, the brand launched the Promotional Kit Cupcake Royal, 2 units of Yeast Royal of 100 grams and 6 silicone muffin cups for the preparation of cupcakes. The forms are reusable, can go from the oven directly to the table and will be available in 6 colors collectibles. The kits come in a commemorative limited edition in the Center-West, Southeast and South of Brazil.
Royal products also gain new guise: the packaging of baking powder gelatin and come with a new logo and a stamp commemorating the 90 years of the brand in Brazil. In addition, their colors are more vivid and impactful, so as to facilitate the identification of flavors at points of sale, where should get more visibility.
Embalagem Marca - 02/08/2013
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