CATEGORY - Powdered whey
Whey or milk plasma is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained;
Market development - Annual/Monthly
Access annual / monthly historical consumption or production data from 1991 up to last year with forecasts for the next 5 years, updated monthly
History: 2001 a 2019 | Forecast: 2020 a 2024 See example
Market share
Market shares by company
Alibra, Barbosa Marques, Confepar, Coopercentral, Ind Santa Maria, Italac, Lactalis, Lactosul, Lat Canaa, Lat Porto Alegre, Lat Rezende, Lat Silvestre, Relat, SOORO, Sorolac See example
Collection of articles published in major newspapers and journals arranged by keyword and updated daily British Dairy Crest, the milk area, partnered with Fonterra
Production by State
History: 2004 a 2018 See example
Shows both annual and monthly data broken down into four tables: #1. total volume of product packed in each type of packaging; #2. volume of packaging in millions of units; #3. volume of packaging in metric tons; #4. percentage each type of packaging represents of the total volume
History: 2004 a 2019 | Forecast: 2020 a 2024 See example
  • Multiwall sacks
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