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How do I navigate the Test-Drive?

The initial page presents the annual consumption of product in metric tonnes since 1991 with projections up until 2015. In this page you will also find foreign trade data, a list of the major brands in the market and market share data for the main competitors.

iconeThe “Annual – Monthly” tab under the product description at the top of the page plots the monthly breakdown of the consumption of deodorant, demonstrating a certain seasonality. The monthly updating of data makes the Datamark system a much more dynamic tool.

iconeRecent news items related to the product have been included in the tab “News Items” to complement the quantitative data. These are organized in chronological order. The tab “Regional” presents the regional breakdown in the consumption of deodorant in seven regions, those being: South, Southeast, Greater São Paulo, Greater Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo countryside, Midwest and Northeast.

iconeThe tab “Regional” presents a breakdown of the consumption of deodorant for seven regions, which include: South, Southeast, Greater SP, São Paulo Countryside, Mid West, and Northeast.

icone The packaging mix for deodorants can be found in the last tab “Packaging.” There are four tables on this page, the first being the breakdown of product volume by packaging format. The next table shows the volume of packaging in millions of units and the following table shows the volume of packaging in metric tonnes. The last table reflects the share of each packaging format in percentage. Packaging data is also broken down by month.

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